Cups paint

The product PROTEC PTJ is a paste-adhesive for non-ferrous alloys fused whose active part is formed by metal oxides inert and a small percentage of graphite. The thinners components contained in this paste are very pure products that burning don’t produce impurities and don’t pollute molten metal. PROTEC PTJ is mainly indicated for the covering of cups casting, whether they are automatic or manual, and the thermocouples.
If PROTEC PTJ is well implemented leaves an excellent coating which ensures a long lasting protection over time and extends the life of the cups and thermocouples.

The product PROTEC PTJ can be applied with a brush, on the details to protect, making sure to cover completely and evenly the surface.
This operation can also be made with the hot parts.
At finisched cover, the piece must be immersed in the bath of molten metal for a few seconds.
In this way the components will burn thinners developing a small flame and leave a protective film on piece.
With the product PROTEC PTJ Presentations can be made to cover Small areas of the cups during normal production cycle without having to stop the machine.

Cans of 5 kg
Buckets of 25 kg

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