LUBRO H46/68


LUBRO H series products are high-quality synthetic lubricants obtained chemically synthesizing raw materials and non-oil from renewable sources, this allows us to obtain high-performance products and at the same time biodegradable and “fire resistant”.
The series LUBRO H can be employed, in any case, with success in all applications, where requested, an excellent lubricant for the hydrostatic systems, power transmission, circulation lubrication and splash non-EP, in alternative to common oils oil extraction , present in the market.
• LUBRO ECO series is characterized by excellent resistance to combustion, which reduces the possibility of ignition by flames or by hot or molten metals, and in any case by all potential hazards due to breakage or spillage.
• Biodegradable more than 90% as demonstrated.
• Thanks to the particular formulation of the base, fully saturated, the products are extremely resistant to aging and degradation, thus presenting itself as leading products are required where hydraulic oils Long-Life, also in the presence of particularly heavy exercise and / or of high or low
• All grades of LUBRO H possess excellent anti-rust properties, and anti-wear, thus able to preserve long the moving mechanical organs.

Drums: 200 lts
Container: 1000 lts

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