Granular lubricant for pistons graphite Free

POWER CAST LX is a lubricant for pistons based on waxes without graphite by the exceptional lubricating properties, provided in the form of fine granulated (approximately 1.0/1.5 mm.), which satisfies all the requirements as regards the production of die economic and quality-oriented.

For the foundry derive the following benefits:
– costs reduced for lubricants
– longest life of plungers and shot sleeves
– reduced formation of gas due to the evaporation of parts of the lubricant
– no contamination of the machine from lubricant
– no type of waste by the lubrication

Melting point 115-120 °C.

POWER CAST LX is introduced by compressed air in the filling.
The product should be consumed within 2 years

Pails kgs. 15
Plastic drums kgs. 60
Iron drums kgs. 115

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