As an experienced foundry machine, technology, and solution provider, M5 is supplying “add-on” equipment from Europe to Non-Ferrous & Ferrous casting manufacturers. There is no doubt that foundries heavily rely on high-quality equipment to produce large volumes of good castings every day. Our portfolio of products includes:

Vacuum Solutions for HPDC (Cold & Hot Chamber)

Chill Blocks

Kinetic Valves

Hydraulic Valve


Temperature Control Units

Spraying Solutions for permanent molds,
HPDC (Cold & Hot Chamber)

Release Agents & Die lubricants.

Automatic Pouring Systems for
vertical & horizontal molding lines (Iron, Steel, Sandcasting)


Right from the beginning we help to find the right equipment for the specific needs of our casting manufacturers. To guarantee the best performance of the machinery, we provide installation, commissioning, and yearly maintenance contracts to our customers. To make sure that the casting comes out as expected we offer engineering and mold design services. We are combining technology with expert know-how to develop our clients’ castings into durable and adaptable products.

M5’s philosophy relies on the ability to combine both technology and quality. We support personal service to the very highest level of integrity, and this allows us to repeatedly meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers and the market we operate in. We believe that by working with the latest technology, our clients can produce the best quality casting parts in a more competitive way.

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