The role of technology partners involves collaborating with M5 Engineering to provide technological equipment, expertise, solutions, and support that align with our customer goals. Our mission is to enhance our customers capabilities to achieve its objectives which is produce good quality castings!

Collaboration between technology partners, M5 and customer will lead to innovative solutions and enhanced capabilities by combining expertise and resources. It’s important to establish clear communication and objectives to ensure a successful long term partnership.

Fondarex (Swiss VacuumSolutions)



Founded in 1946 in Switzerland, Fondarex is the inventor of the vacuum technology for pressure die casting and plastic injection moulding. As international market leader in these two fields, Fondarex continues to invest in research and development and is committed to meeting the demands of current technology and market requirements. The Fondarex team works to ensure its customers’ success, by guaranteeing the production of cost-effective, high-quality parts with its vacuum systems. Offering customized consulting, training for users and technical support, Fondarex is your partner for the future.


Fondarex has developed and manufactured over 80 dedicated vacuum systems and more than 30 different vacuum valve and chill block models. Fondarex differentiates itself by offering its customers comprehensive advice and technological support for each individual project, based on its extensive know-how and experience. Our goal is for foundries to be able to produce the best quality parts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


Thanks to a wider range of newly developed vacuum systems, valves, and chill blocks, Fondarex is excited to be participating in the new era of vacuum casting. Fondarex is also actively taking part in the Giga casting project underway on three continents. This is an incredible story that is in the process of being written, and we are proud to contribute our expertise to shaping the industry. As a provider of total vacuum solutions, from simulations to worldwide on-site support. Fondarex is the partner You are looking for, for all your vacuum-assisted model parts. These achievements are made possible only through the dedication and expertise of Fondarex employees and of course our customers.

Website: www.fondarex.com

TOOL-TEMP (Industrial Temperature Control Products & System)


TOOL-TEMP is Europe’s leading provider of industrial temperature control products and systems.

As a specialist with over 50 years of experience in the field of Temperature Control Units and Water Chillers, TOOL-TEMP is a reliable partner for many companies in different industries such as Plastic, Die Casting, Chemicals, Food, Textile, Printing and Pharmaceutical. Our sales program contains over 30 standard models of temperature control units and water chillers. In addition we are also strong in supplying customized solutions.

Despite its rapid and continuous expansion, the company still stands to its origins: the headquarters and the entire production facilities remain in Switzerland. All TOOL-TEMP products are developed and manufactured in Sulgen, Switzerland.

A high level of quality and service state of the art technical skills and high precision are our core competences with an annual production rate of about 9,000 units in large production series.



  • TOOL-TEMP units are exclusively developed and manufactured in Sulgen, Switzerland. This guarantees a high quality workmanship.
  • Over 40 country agents and 14 TOOL-TEMP subsidiaries ensure a reliable and professional distribution and after-sale service locally.
  • Short reaction times and rapid spare parts supply thanks to large stocks of spares and units.



  • Constant quality thanks to the in-house development and manufacturing of core-components like pumps, heat exchangers, electro-technical parts, etc.
  • Only well-selected high-class materials are used in manufacturing process.
  • Clever safety circuits, acoustic and visual alarms to protect your installation.



  • Our deep level of manufacturing penetration provides a fast time-to-market, also for customised solutions.
  • No costly production off-times and repairs thanks to maintenance friendly units.
  • Good costs / performance ratio guarantees a fast return on investment.

Website: www.tool-temp.asia


Wollin (Systematic Spraying Technology)


Wollin GmbH is a machinery company based in Germany. Since its founding in 1973 by the graduate engineer Rudolf Wollin, the Wollin Company stands for optimum solutions in the field of die casting of light metal parts – worldwide. The medium-sized family business supplies peripheral equipment for the die casting industry as well as automation technology and special machinery. With its innovative spraying equipment for die casting machines, Wollin is the market and technology leader. The development of ideal solutions for varied processes, with a special focus on the efficiency of the application of cooling and release agents, is Wollin‘s passion and strength. Together with the customer we create holistic and individual solutions – from the order to the development through to the finished product. With experience and technical know-how, our specialists in Sales, Design and Production are at your disposal. Upon request, our skilled process and application technicians will optimise your process on-site and therefore create optimum conditions for trouble-free operation of your production.

Website: www.wollin.de

pourTECH™ (Automatic Pouring Solutions)


The pourTECH™ system is the result of years of customer feedback, research, and continuous improvement. This is where technology, software development and mechanical engineering come together. Our pouring systems are equipped with lasers and cameras to ensure high levels of automation. We find innovative solutions to your practical challenges in cast processes. From a hardly automated system to a highly developed end-to-end automated solution. The pourTECH™ system offers a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of customization options.


Pour every iron & mold.

Pour gray iron, ductile iron, CGI, High Chrome, and other irons on horizontal and vertical molding systems with ease.


Easy operable interface

Thanks to the intuitive HMI, the foundry employees can quickly and easily adjust casting parameters and operate the system.



Each system will be individually adapted to your requirements, specially designed, and manufactured for your production.



We are at your disposal in every phase of the project – from purchase order to after sales support. After the individual technical advice, we can take over the planning and installation, if required.


Designed in Sweden – built in Germany.

We are combining Swedish know-how and ingenuity with world renown German machine building tradition.



From Europe to Africa, Asia and the Americas. Our systems are available around the globe.


New system or retrofit?

Together we evaluate the most cost-effective solution for you: Can your existing system be upgraded, or should it be replaced by a new system?


Latest technology

Equipped with the latest hard- and software as well as artificial intelligence, our systems provide State of the Art solutions thanks to constant research and development.


Working with Experts

As market-leader in automatic pouring we help you to reduce costs and increase the effectivity of your iron foundry due to latest technologies and I/O standards.

We offer you the perfectly adapted (automated) product, superior service, extensive advice, and constant further development. Therefore, we have put together a worldwide team of more than 30 experts, including foundry experts, laser vision engineers and software.

Website: www.pour-tech.com


LubroChem (Die-Lubricants, Release Agents, Hydraulic Fluids for Die-Casting Applications, Plunger Tips )

Lubrochem is a young and dynamic company, which thanks to the investments produced over the last few years, is now able to position itself among the largest and most important producers of lubricants and technologies for the die-casting industry, at an international level.
Thanks to a network of exclusive distributors it is possible to find Lubrochem products in many countries around the world. Fundamental to this development has been the ability to offer high services and quality, at particularly competitive prices. For this reason, Lubrochem can count among its customers, companies of great importance in the sector.

Website: www.lubrochem.eu

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