M5 Engineering is the sole distributor of MAGMASOFT (MAGMA5) in Thailand.


We strive to modernize the foundry industry by offering the worlds best casting process simulation software.



The name MAGMA stands for robust and transparent processes in the foundry industry. World wide more than 1500 companies are making use of casting process simulation with MAGMASOFT and the latest version MAGMA5.



The main goal for many companies to implement this tool is to save costs by improving yields, reducing cycle times, detecting and solving casting defects and improving over all product quality.


MAGMA will not only help you to generate more profits by improving your existing processes but also aid you in developing new parts without costly trial runs, to venture into new markets and to safely store the knowledge that is generated in your foundry.



To find out more about MAGMA, click here to visit the official MAGMA homepage.

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