In today’s competetive market, one can no longer afford to see training as optional. Training is a matter of survival. Trained personal contributes more efficently and rises productivity. Our training is more than building skills of individual employees. It is an investment to the company.



Top users who absolve a certified training:

  • Gained speed and effectiveness

  • Gained in-depht knowledge in design & modelling

  • increased their value for the company



The benefits gain to Your organisation & customers:

  • Improved bottom line

  • Stronger competitive position

  • Measurable profit increase

  • Improved project success rates

  • Adaption of global processes & vocabulary

  • Stronger communication



The benefits gain to individuals:

  • Improved work performance

  • Elimination of skill gaps and improved problem solving

  • Improved interpersonal skills

  • Much more…



We are able to offer you professional training by a team of certified foundry engineers, local and from abroad…

Training for TOYOTA Thailand

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Training is an investment,

not an expenditure!

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