MAGMAacademy in Thailand

MAGMAacademy 2018  Batch No.2

MAGMA Academy (batch number 2) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi together with M5 Engineering are going into industry 4.0

MAGMA Academy Thailand courses 2018 at King Mongkut's University of technology Thonburi with new batch of  Foundry and Metallurgy Department of Production Engineering Faculty of Engineering.

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Foundry-men/women in action at King Mongkut University of Technology (Bangmod). Excellent performance of the students!

VTR of MAGMA Academy in Thailand


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In 2014 MAGMA decided to issue the first MAGMA Training License to King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi.  



As of march 2015 we had the first batch of master graduates who used MAGMA simulation for their graduation projects on casting design mainly focused on correct gating and feeding systems.


Roughly 30 students joined the Saturday class where we started with the basics of simulation and how to use simulation as a tool for improving reject rate, increase yield and lessen trial & errors.

The simulation results were presented to the heads of the casting program and as well to MAGMA.

The presentations were very interactive.The students showed what is going on inside the “Black Box” on each project. The learned theory about gating and feeding could be visualized and compared with the results. Final discussions of changes and improvement of the current casting design have been made and could be easily proofed with the simulation results.


It was just amazing to see how the students started to make experiments on gating and feeding systems on their own. How they used ideas and theory’s combined all in ferrous and Non Ferrous projects of different sizes and application.


This training course was the first of many more to come. It showed the needs of simulation during education for the young foundry men and women. The purpose of the casting simulation training is to make them acquainted with the basics of simulation and how to use it the correct way.


Besides of the educational purpose we had a lot of fun during the courses. We are very thankful to the students that they showed so much interest and motivation and to the heads of KMUTT (Adjan Dr. Supparerk Boontein and Adjan Kobsin Thaveesin) who supported us during the trainings and made this course happen.


We think this is a very important first step…


P.S. Foundry Professionals who would like to subscribe for the next training course please contact us at:



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