was a success for M5 Engineering / MAGMASOFT. Introduction of the latest release MAGMA5.4 version to a large foundry audience.
บริษัท เอ็มไฟ้ว์ เอ็นจืเนียริ่ง / MAGMASOFT took the great opportunity to take part actively at the MetalAP 2018 in BITEC, Bangkok. For the first time the exhibition focused on the foundry industries mainly in Thailand, South East Asia and China. Many international casting manufacturers, foundry machine suppliers and foundry professionals attended the event.


-->  Foundry Playground… A challenging “optimization” game to test the foundryman’s skills by linking it to the real casting model in MAGMA optimization


--> Customer Visits…  M5/MAGMA booth always crowded from morning to evening

 "We are Committed to Casting Excellence"


-->  Partner & Customer discussions… Excellent discussions with foundry professionals from all over the world!

MAGMASOFT is continuously growing so is M5 Engineering Thailand growing locally. We are thankful to our committed customers and partners who are making this happen and work with us over many years in the foundry industries. One of the plans for the coming year is to extend the academy activities in cooperation with King Mongkut University of Technology (Thonburi) focusing more on design in High Pressure Die Casting.

 "Let us be a part of your success"

MAGMASOFT Autonomous engineering,  DoE and new features in MAGMASOFT5.4 are becoming more powerful. Additional shot chamber simulation extended spraying options and optimized location of ejector pins are just additional points of interest for the HPDC industries while in the ferrous foundries the interest of core & mold and stress simulations are dominating. The quality standards of casting buyers are increasing, and the metal market is utmost competitive. To succeed in this competitive environment suitable design and process optimization tools are needed to avoid high reject rates and costly error & trials. Robust production processes are necessary to keep up with the high requirements. MAGMASOFT is certainly the right tool for optimizing the entire casting process and finally lead to customer satisfaction.


-->  Temperature curves in the die areas near the surface illustrate the effectiveness of the spraying process combined with internal die temperature control. The internal spot cooling in area 2 locally extracts energy from the die and minimizes the reheating of the die surface.

Realistic description of the spray 


Optimized Shot Chamber